What We Believe


At Faith Fellowship, we have embraced three principles that motivate and bind us together.  First, we are committed to loving God and connecting with Him in worship.  We do this at our worship gatherings.  Second, we are committed to loving people and connecting with them in fellowship.  We do this through fellowship events and group meetings.  Third, we are committed to sharing Jesus with the world.  We do this through both organized and lifestyle evangelism as an intentional strategy.

These principles help us observe the two Great Commandments of Scripture, which Jesus defined as loving God and loving others, and the Great Commission, our Lord’s last command to make disciples of all nations and people groups.

We are a part of a larger, group of churches, the National Association of Free Will Baptists.  Through this voluntary association, we are able to minister and spread the gospel of Christ around the world.  For more information about the Free Will Baptist denomination visit www.nafwb.org.