You Can’t Handle the Truth

When asked how history would remember him, Winston Churchill replied, “History will remember me kindly for I shall write it.”  Truth of the matter is, the past is seen and related through the eyes of the recorder.  We are all familiar with comedic televised depictions of events from differing viewpoints in the same episode.  There are variations of interpretation on a single occurrence.  One reason we find these amusing is that they are so true to life.  The “eye of the beholder” principle is applicable in many areas- even in respect to factual reality.  When Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth,” he was speaking for the race.  Few things have been as fiercely debated by so many people over time as the nature of verity.

I’ve been right, and I’ve been wrong.  I much prefer being right, but, the truth is, I thought I was right even when I was wrong.  As a matter of fact, I’m more convincing in arguments in which I am factually wrong.  And I’ve always got a good excuse for being wrong.  I know you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.  Often, I will realize that I am, indeed, wrong in arears.  When this happens, it’s hard for me to face my shame, and I hope that others have shorter memories than me.  In large part, I’m over having to be right all the time, but it is still difficult for me to admit and accept that I am (gasp) in error.  It’s hard to handle.

I’ve been pretty successful at shedding the condemnation of others.  By that, I mean I am able to deal with dispersions against me when I have settled an issue in my heart of hearts.  It doesn’t bother me to go against the crowd or the grain if I feel I’m right.  But I have trouble if my heart condemns me.  It is difficult to escape self-condemnation.  When the conscience floods in, I feel contrition to the point of smiting my chest and tearing at my clothes.  I am able to resist the literal acts, but they are pictures of my mental anguish.  While I can be adept at concealing my true intents from other, I am not nearly as successful in deceiving myself.  If no one else does, I know the truth about me.

There is no such thing as “my” truth.  I’m not saying there may not be different perspectives on reality, only that the truth is not tailor made to fit each individual.  There is only “the” truth.  The idea of individualized truth (often in the face of God and the Bible) is something that is thrown around by celebrities and their ilk, as well as, those who would depart from the worn paths of the unvarnished.  It must be great relief for those who would transgress to have society’s approval to engage in atrocities and abominations as long as one is a nice guy.  I am aware that faith enters the picture and all individuals do not share like faith.  Regardless of this plain fact, there is settled and inviable truth, and you (we) are not the author if it.

One day, settled truth will be on full display and all imaginings will wither in its glory.  It will be seen that no one got it quite right, but it will also be revealed that some have tried harder than others.  No one will have the opportunity to present the case for their history for all things will be seen to have already been recorded.  You and I, dignitaries of all the ages and people from every strata of existence will stand in silence before God.  The heavens and earth will flee on that day, but we will have to stand there.  Our works will be irrevocable and our souls unredeemable by ought but the blood of the Lamb of God.  We will answer for our deeds and for our beliefs, and nothing will matter but the truth.

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