You Can Tell Everybody

In some ways, the wickedness of our time is unprecedented.  At the same time, we may be living in the greatest days of gospel effort and effectiveness the world has ever known.  It’s a strange dichotomy to be sure.  Makes you think.

The world has always been sinful, and it can be argued that the antediluvian period was worse than the current.  However, there is a sense in which sin corresponds to the number of sinners living at any one time.  In this way, it can be seen as a function of population.  More sinners equal more and greater sins.  The Tower of Babel was constructed by group planning, and the Gothams of our day generate more wickedness than the hamlets and vales of the countryside.  We often hear long-time friends say with a laugh, “What one didn’t think of, the other did.”  This is precisely the point.  Sinners sin, and, when they are together, transgressions increase. However, the converse may also be true.

Metropolises are centers of great learning.  Now, this knife cuts both ways.  Understand that knowledge has a time-stamp.  It is the state of knowledge at the time.  Many things cannot be proved which are true indeed.  On the other hand, much accepted learning of the past has, today, been shown unreliable.  Whether gathered information is trustworthy or not, it is in the larger areas that we find seats of learning.  Brain-power may be used for good or ill, and we find a curious admixture of positive and negative energies in metroplexes. 

Modernity facilitates the spread of the Good News.  Jesus said the end would come after the gospel had been proclaimed throughout the world.  This has occurred in my lifetime.  Never have capability and motility combined in the evangelism juggernaut of our age.  To be sure, there are flaws in certain efforts as ever have been, but it is an incontrovertible fact that there is more Bible teaching, preaching and proclaiming now than ever before.

In a world of obstacles and opportunities, what is a single point along the continuum to do?  Let me suggest a few things.

First, be an individual.  You are the best and only you in existence.  Failure awaits the carbon copies.  Don’t give in to the crowd.  They only think they know it all.  Make the most of your chances.  You can’t do everything- only what is presented to you.  Take your shot.

Remember, you can’t live a sinless life.  Make an effort, but forgive yourself (others, too) and be sincerely repentant.  Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged, but you can’t repent too much.

Additionally, in this age of digits and anonymity, the best means of spreading the gospel and enlarging the Kingdom of Heaven is still personal, face-to-face evangelism.  Be part of the action.  Sharing the Light of Life with the lost is the poetry and romance of living.  Nothing else compares though you find few companions on the way.

Jesus traveled the lonely road before us.  There are souls to win on the broken street of dreams.  The ministry of reconciliation is the sacred trust of all believers applicable to their realm of influence.  Together, we can tell everybody.


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