The Lonely Street of Dreams

You know, I’ve always been a dreamer.  I like to think of things the way they could be rather than the way they are.  In saying this, I’m not disrespecting the status quo though I’m not elevating it, either.  As with most people, I’m a mixture of fondness for the former and the future.  While societies and organizations support the memories of days gone by, there is less substantial structure undergirding the days to come partly because we don’t really know what they will be.  Though the past is not an infallible predictor of the future, it is the only reference point we have on which to base our forecasts, and, consequently, it’s easier to be tied to what was than to risk all on a game of pitch and toss.  As a result, company is sparse on the road to tomorrow.

It is wrong-headed to think that what has been will always be.  For good or ill, the past is not coming back, and we only have the future to mold.  Change is inevitable and will bring positive and negative results.  While some would purge the memory of former times, certain elements of the past will retain their value for days to come if not forever.  We should be selective in what we choose to discard and retain, and Scripture speaks of treasures new and old in the house of a wise person.  There is value in tradition in so far as some traditions are based on eternal truths rather than transitory and timely interpretations.  Problematic is the propensity to be mired in time and place not understanding that time marches on and even holy places are subject to erosion and decay.

I have found myself on the highway of hope in various climes.  Seeking to find reverence for history combined with relevance for modernity has been lonely, indeed.  Frustration can be found on either hand when one seeks to move forward with caution.  It’s easier to step on the brakes or the gas than to drive carefully.  There’s a ditch on either side of the road, and leaders will, at times, find themselves excoriated or excluded by those who choose to pursue trends of any time period.  Many things, held only in memory, hold fondness for me, and their numbers grow as my memory lengthens.  In moving forward, we should be careful which bridges we burn as we may want to go home again.  But our destinies lie ahead, and this old world will keep on turning.     

When we kiss today goodbye and point ourselves toward tomorrow, we are only doing what we have to do.  This plain fact must be realized by traditionalists even as the wisdom of our forebears must be regarded by whippersnappers.  I’ve been criticized by both and had my fill, my share of losing.  Progress is relative to the place of origin, as well as, present opportunities, and the street of dreams is not maintained as it has not been much used.  You may find yourself following a star not seen by acquaintances which luminary leads you o’er unfamiliar seas.  When you feel misunderstood, know that only experience teaches us to value points of view other than our own nativities, try to keep your head up and keep stepping lest you, too, sink in the mire of today.

I know what it means to walk alone, and I understand the feeling of making a journey with an uncertain end.  However, it is to be remembered that there is great satisfaction to be found on such excursions.  There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind on your hair and breathing free.  If it is solitary, it is also virgin and unspoiled.  It will take courage to escape familiar things and embrace the unknown, but such is the virtue of the visionary.  Although the road not taken is bleak to appearances, we will meet companions on the way, mostly unexpected and will be reminded that our little lives are not the only lived, and the Father’s house is larger than ever we knew. 


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