That’s the Way I Like It

On my computer, there are a few operations designated “preferences.”  In other words, I can use them to set my machine up in the manner I prefer with regard to certain functions.  I like these capabilities because I’m the sort that wants things a certain way (don’t hit me).  In my heart, I believe most folks maintain lists of acceptable and unacceptable things, practices and attributes and would order their worlds accordingly if they could.  Realizing this yearning (and in their shameless attempt to make a profit), the computer gods felt it would facilitate their selling of goods if they gave us some choice and ability to modify those things which control our lives and waste our time.  I have considered the preference button under many guises.

Preferences are personal in nature.  Not everyone likes the same things I do.  They should, but they don’t.  Sometimes, tastes are so diverse that there is little understanding of other opinions.  While this is not always true, there is plenty of room for disagreement on options.  Much of life can be customized and altered to fit the individual.  I should not come to your house and alter your computer settings to my wishes since it’s, well, your computer.  It may be that I know a more efficient way to arrange your icons, but they do not belong to me.  The truth is the truth and will out, but no one is in possession of all of it.  Perhaps, it would be good for each of us to take computer classes and actually learn the systems before we operate them.

Many options can encourage us to think that all things are moveable.  They are not.  In other words, everything is not subject to personal design.  Much of life allows us discretion within limitations, but not absolute alteration.  In addition, there are some areas of existence which we tinker with to our detriment.  We can, indeed, change some things that are better left alone as the original design is better than alteration.  From a value standpoint, the original make, model and motif hold up better, as well.  It is important to consider what the makers of our computers had in mind when they developed the one we use.  Like people, not every type is developed for the same application.  Buyer beware, and don’t void the warranty.

Your computer came with a certain number of presets which can be reset.  It’s great fun to customize a unit, fiddle and learn.  However, if lightning strikes, or if there is an overload of some sort, the computer may revert to its original settings.  Each of us has fallback positions in our lives.  We tend to revert to places wherein we find shelter and comfort when times are tough.  For some, addictions and prior life choices make it dangerous to venture too far from home.  Remaking ourselves in superficial ways will not change our basic natures, and these reveal themselves in calamitous times.  I ought to be sure of what I really want before I invest in technology or the trappings of life.

God had a plan when He made us.  We were created with reason.  Our Maker has given us the freedom of choice over many things in our lives and will not abrogate our wills in most instances.  Our Lord encourages us to be our best selves and not to infringe upon the rights of others in His service as long as we are dedicated to His design.  It is best for us to consider the Owner’s Manual for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.  We are not the same whatever pride or despair might say, and God never intended us to be. However, a person has to know their limitations.  No amount of surface customization will alter the gifts and calling of God, and we work best when we follow His plan for our lives.


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