That Was Yesterday

There’s nothing a person can’t do tomorrow.  It’s the greatest invention ever.  No footprints mar the virgin snow; vistas are crisp and clear.  Looking ahead, we can see exactly how things should be and understand precisely our roles in the beyond.  The sun will come out and dream will come true tomorrow.  It’s no wonder I’ve been in love with tomorrow all my life.  I’m not the best prognosticator of what will be, but I’ve imagined what might be if only.  The thing about tomorrow is that it is untested, hence, unverifiable.  When we look ahead, we must all freely admit that the best laid plans may go awry and good intentions fail of their purpose and promise.  Tomorrow will break your heart.

With each passing millisecond, the future become the present, then the past.  Living in the moment can be difficult when the moment won’t stand still.  I once heard a professional coach say, “The NFL means Not For Long.”  It’s that way in every life no matter the venue.  Time and events slip through our fingers heedless of our dexterity with more concrete affairs.  Little wonder the Word of God says that life is like a vapor which only appears for a little while disappearing without a trace.  I know it’s been hard to gather the remnants of my life.  There are times a can scarcely remember what they were.  I seem to recall living events which I can’t recreate or accurately record.

My tomorrows have decreased and my yesterdays increased to the point that I now look back on more than most have seen.  I’m glad that it’s not all been difficult, but I’ve had my fill, my share of losing.  I remind myself that the past is not necessarily indicative of what will be but, also, that it’s the best predictor of the future we have.  Once, I read that failure is not fatal and success not final so I try to remain courageous in my attempts.  For good or ill, the past is just that- the past.  Paul said he forgot the things behind him.  If he could forget the bad, he’s surpassed me in this as in other things.  The Apostle seems to be saying, however, that he did not get mired in successes, either.  Even friendly ghosts are not good.

Motivation to do well today is based on the expectation that the future will be more promising if we have a stable past.  This hope, however, is often unrequited.  Many people have suffered reversals not of their own doings or have been passed over for promotions due to someone else’s doings.  The past may be nearly impossible for a person to overcome, and it can be difficult to live up to.  So it is that good and bad histories can, likewise, be obstacles.  A barrier is a barrier, and no one goes through this life unscathed.  Others come and go throughout our lives, but we carry ourselves with us wherever we go.  Former times may hinder you, but, hopefully, your wounds are not self-inflicted.

It has been a privilege to live this life, and there’s more to come.  Actually, I’ve accomplished quite a bit in days gone by though I don’t think the volume of my deeds sets me apart from the pack.  To think, I did all that.  I hold the past in memory (at least for a bit), but I cannot allow it to dictate my future.  Comparisons with others are not wise, but neither is comparison to one’s former self.  Paul’s conclusion was that he needed to forget the past in order to effectively reach into the future.  Of course, the same applies to each of us although some events and experiences of times flown are more likely to stay put than others.  All our pasts included failures, fealties and follies, but that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone. 



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