Something Better Than in the Middle

I recently heard one remark that the last thing they wanted said at their casket was, “Look, he’s moving!”  It’s hard to know how you’d want to exit this life. Most would not want to exit it at all.  The feeling is not reliant on whether one believes in an afterlife or where they figure said life will be spent.  We are bound to this earth even if we believe there is something better.

Though eyes of faith pierce the present dark, the beyond is still unknown save by partial revelation.  It is difficult to let go of the known. With its faults, the current age shares beauty with the future from which it derived.  The great Apostle said he was torn between realities, wishing to escape the surly bonds of earth but reluctant to separate from his friends.  No one wants to leave with unfinished business, and the urgency of youth holds no candle to the desperation of living on borrowed time. 

We grow weary of the world.  By “we,” I mean me and certain others advanced in decrepitude.  It’s not that we don’t want to live anymore- just that it’s so much work.  I have been in the room with many as they drew their last breaths.  In one case, I was holding a man’s hand.  It is an awesome and solemn privilege to watch a person exit their earthly existence.  To be included in the number by their side at the end.  One never quite knows what the scene will be.  In such times, doleful dismay is often expressed.  Unanswerable questions may be asked, as well as, triumph exclaimed.

The old song said, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”  Eternal life may be our expected joy, yet we don’t want its gain today.  It’s just that complicated.  God has set eternity in our hearts, yet we were made of dust.  Us fellas, that is.  Females were a different process altogether.  With its faults and challenges, we love to live the life we know. 

Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you.  I share the feeling of wanting to go and wanting to stay.  It will break my heart to leave loose ends on earth though I graduate to a place with no needs.

The anticipation of glory rings in the souls of unbelievers.  Eternal truths unaccepted beget undying needs undeniable.  A harsh and hopeful thought occurs to the most hardened.  There’s got to be something better than in the middle. 

We travel between the eternities.  Behind us lies a vast, unknowable expanse; ahead limitless, unseen experience.  Few days full of trouble characterize present experience we loathe ending.  For His own reasons and ultimate glory, God has given us life on this earth and a purpose in His plan.  Whether we experience it is another matter.

Eternal matters are settled in time.  Decisions can only be made as opportunities allow.  Choice is limited by chance.  The future is decided during our time in the middle.  We learn from teaching and experience what to expect temporally while faith lays hold on more durable issues.

The unseen is knowable through faith.  Things hoped for are comprehended by trust.  And faith is best understood inside-out.  It defies quantification to nonpossessors though bearing significant weight in the lives of adherents.  It is at once ethereal and firm.  Exercised, it proves the only sure foundation for living.  At the end of days, a solid footing will make it easier to let go.



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