One of Us

If God had a face, what would it look like and would you want to see it if seeing it meant that you would have to believe in Jesus and the saints and all the prophets?  Such is the speculation in this age regarding the Divinity.  We are constantly assured and consistently unsure as to whether there is a God at all and, if He exists, what exactly are the natures of His manifestations?  One thing is certain; many people today are willing to accept God on their terms in a sort of piece-meal fashion, picking and choosing attributes (lawfully or not) in Him that they wish to accept and ignoring others which make them uncomfortable.  If they cannot fashion their own deity, many would rather have nothing of God.  Idolatry or bust.

Some accept no higher power of a particular origin; rather taking parts of diverse belief systems and melding them together according to their own lights.  Like Johnny Cash, they got it one piece at a time, and it cost them very little if anything at all.  In so doing, they become the makers of their own governing entities.  Perhaps, such consider whatever gods may be to follow a democratic system which confers power according to adherence to an expansive entitlement state.  We elect our lord as long as he gives much and expects little.  A confusing and inconsistent hodge-podge of thoughts and philosophies is the refuge of those who seek to found their own religions for convenience’s sake. 

Paul said those who establish their own means of righteousness do not submit themselves to the righteousness of God.  In other words, God and morality are not determined by mankind, they are revealed to us.  To hold a self-made belief system (however sincerely) is to hold no valid belief system at all.  Rather, it is a going astray, each one following his own way which iniquity is condemned by the Maker and Ruler of the universe.  We are not free to follow our own stars to particular ends which seem wise and comforting to ourselves.  The path to understanding and finding peace with God was not engineered by the human race.  It was laid out before ever the world began and built with wisdom on the principles of holiness and love.

In Jesus, mankind got a good look at God.  In Him was the fullness of the invisible God bodily.  He was God with a face.  Through Jesus we understand Who God is and what He requires.  The laws of the Old Covenant which reveal God’s holiness were exemplified for us in Jesus.  The love of God for His creation was shed abroad through Jesus.  Grace and truth were seen by Jesus.  In His lifetime, people either accepted God by accepting Jesus or they did not.  Jesus was God and man and God with man.  It is the same today. People either accept Jesus for Himself and the claims of God as they are or they do not.  God was not required to reveal Himself to us through Jesus, but He did.  Relying on anything else condemns us in His sight.   

Though it is common for people to improvise deities of their imaginations, it is inappropriate to do so.  Granted, such machinations are permitted by our day of grace and in our short lives, but we should realize that grace and our lives will run out.  God did not leave us to our own devices in the search for ultimate reality but has revealed Himself in various ways over time to mankind speaking at last through His own Son and by His Word.  Jesus was one of us and a Savior for all of us.  Not only did Jesus model perfection, He sacrificed unto salvation showing us that peace with God and among individuals is achieved through gratitude.  The answers for temporal and eternal life are found in accepting God’s revelation not imagination.


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