Not a Dream Survived

Our certainties often fail of reality.

Around the campfire, we vowed to be friends forever and never to lose touch.  For a few, glory days extend into the future but not for most.  We meant to stay in touch.  Good intentions pave many roads.

The truth is, our aspirations are vaporous things likely to dissipate in the morning sun.  This observation is not made to discourage the visionary, rather as a cautionary word not to fall in love with our desires.

Youth may not deem themselves invincible.  Perhaps, we should say they don’t deem anything at all.  Failure is not a consideration, much less an option.  At once inspiring and heartbreaking, the goals of the young bring laughter and pain.

Hope springs eternal.  With no fear of failure, we launched into lives heedless of tempests on the horizon.  Though we might have braved the storms knowingly (and some of us did), we were simply unaware of their existence.  For some, the trials proved overwhelming and despair ensued.  The ends of their dreams were ends indeed.

Best laid plans and all that, we can only accomplish things within the range of ability, and many factors limit or lend success.  Solomon spoke of fickle time and chance.  In so doing, he gave a descriptor of the unforeseen, not a limitation of God or His foresight.  Cruel fortune eclipses talent, and unlikely heroes arise in the right places at the right times.

A handful of realities survive the unforgiving minute.  For some, there are no remains of the day.  None of their dreams came to fruition.  Or, so it seems.  It can be devastating to realize or at least perceive emotionally that the visions of brighter days have come to despair.  There were no survivors and much collateral damage.

Inward desires can supplant the plans of God, even in the minds of true believers.  It can be difficult to discern between human inclinations and divine instructions.  In the end, we can only do what God allows and empowers us to do, so it is important that we understand His mind.  Scripture teaches us that we attain the knowledge of God’s will as we present ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. 

Ultimately, providence prevails.  Our Heavenly Father knows the end from the beginning.  It is Him, and He is all of it.  God will give us what we want if we’ll be happy with what He gives us.  We can find happiness and fulfillment in God’s plan and in His Hand.

Scripture urges us to cultivate fruit which remains.  In other words, we are to give our lives to things that matter.

Best laid plans will fail thought the seeming fragile plan of God will out.


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