Naked and Afraid

If you’re watching television these days, it seems everyone is either unclothed or undead.  Either, one is surviving/courting al fresco, involved in a zombie apocalypse or dating a vampire/werewolf (matter of taste).  There were those who bemoaned the state of entertainment in the days of my youth (rightly so), but, apparently, there is still room to dig.  We have not hit bottom yet or discovered ultimate depravity, and ol’ Jed’s still not a millionaire.  I have been thinking of the relationship between losing clothes and gaining cares.  So much of life is a trade-off, and we should not be surprised that new experiences have accompanying unpleasantries.  In this life, uncertain gains carry unavoidable consequences.

The initiated possess knowledge previously cloaked but lose the freedom of innocence.  Interesting that the very promise of knowledge fails with the acquisition.  We want to learn because it seems the path of advancement only to find that some things are better left in the shadows.  It is nigh impossible to unlearn experience, and those of us who have been around the block a time or two understand things we wish we had never encountered.  It is precisely the lack of knowledge that frees the mind, and the hard, bird eye of youth is unfettered with the doubt of the aged.  Innocence is bold, whereas, the guilty have learned trepidation.  In many cases, the wisdom of experience is a poor substitute for the clarity of innocence.

I can’t say that my childhood was without fear, but I can say I was unburdened in the sense that knowledge and experience become weights over time.  Perhaps, it is the same for most though some tragically have childhood cut short with interventions of trauma or adult responsibilities.  My fresh take on things gave me confidence albeit through lack of understanding.  As we grow, the expectation of new experiences is confusing and exciting at the same time.  We feel drawn and pushed along the continuum facing some vistas with excitement and some with uncertainty.  For me, learning was joy and suffering.  In some areas, my confidence took leaps, but, in others, it suffered pains that are still felt today.

God placed Adam and Eve in a perfect environment where there was no failure or fear.  They had complete confidence and absolute ability to perform all tasks given them by the Creator and to fulfill all joy. The couple was naked and unashamed.  Adam and Eve had the boldness of righteousness and felt no guilt or remorse.  What they did not have was complete knowledge.  They were innocent in that they were without fault knowing no sin.  Yielding to the Tempter, the perfect pair observed themselves to have lost the covering of sinlessness, was gripped with fear and hid.  The same realities are ours today.  If we walk in purity, we are glad of light and discovery.  If we have tasted forbidden fruit, we prefer the dark.   




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