My Elusive Dream

You will observe varying souls as the races of men go by.  Some are content, some are restless, but each pursues a purpose after their manner.  Certain achieve and actualize their desires while others do not.  All around, the remnants of dreams stand as silent sentinels reminding us that people existed with goals and graces in their hearts.  Often, I will look on a dilapidated building and consider the excitement that must have accompanied the grand opening in its infancy.  The sobering thought follows that one day someone walked out the door, and no one ever entered again.  The birth, life and death of a dream.  It’s on to the next thing at that point because there’s nothing else to be done.  Occasionally, greener pastures await, but this is often not the case.  All the same, there remains a desire for yesterday once more and a re-acquaintance with the familiar.  Having walked the fields of dreams, I reflect how it was that a vista once seemed full of promise, and, not finding it there, I moved one.

There may be many reasons sincere vision does not equate to seeming fruition.  All things are under the hand of God and will find various accomplishments accordingly.  Why is it, though, that disparity exists between our expectations and experiences?  One reason, perhaps difficult to accept, is that our plan for ourselves may not be God’s plan for us.  I once said to a friend that a particular pastor’s short tenure at an assignment was evidence it was not God’s will for him to accept that ministry.  My friend replied, “How do you know?”  It may be that we have one thing in mind while God has another.  Some will find settled ministries or life situations while others seem blown about by the winds of chance which is not chance at all.  It’s easy to give an opinion based on what we know not realizing we do not know it all.  From this perspective, it’s hard to say what success is or is not other than that it is determined by God and how closely we follow His revelations and directions.

Some employs are always in process and ever out of grasp.  By this, I mean that it’s hard to know when you finish some endeavors.  It can be true that certain have no definite end.  The journey is more in view than the destination.  Frequently, people will have goals in sight which never seem to get any closer.  When realization appears to near, the end itself seems to be a thing of air defying definition and consummation.  It can even be difficult to describe the longed-for desire which resides in the heart and is not quantifiable or concrete.  A goal can be a clinical thing known by its symptoms rather than having passed a particular test.  I know it when I get there.  The ethereal nature of many strivings can be a source of either comfort or consternation.  We can take pride in our efforts even as we wonder about the effects.  There is a struggling for significance as we wonder whether goals and gains are worthwhile or the designs of or own imaginations.

Many have felt the uncertainty and questioning associated with works and worth.  An average life may be a decades long quest for achievement.  If and when we reach the summit of our strivings, we most often will find that there is yet another mountain to climb.  It may be that it is God’s intent to keep us moving.  While some pioneers will wander from place to place in search of a home, others may be more sedentary yet not less adventuresome in spirit.  Whatever the case, we should remember that our days on earth are spent living in one world while longing for another.  In dealing with both the tangible and intangible, Scripture teaches us that the unseen things are more profound realities.  It may be that significant achievements in our lives are not observable in once sense and clearly seen in another.  People of faith will be comforted (though not completely content) remembering that their efforts and eminence are in God’s hands and better evaluated in terms of His design.


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