Momma Told Me Not to Come

In various areas, and to varying degrees, women have been the guardians of morality in our society and world over.  There may be many reasons for this with certain being related to genetics.  Over all, God’s design in creation joins with life experience and the wisdom of the ages to give women a particular view of things not shared by the opposite gender.  In making this assertion, I am not saying that either men or women are necessarily superior in their viewpoints, only to say that they are different, and that this dissimilarity is related to the purposes of God and the functioning of society.  When God created Eve, though He made her from Adam, He did not make her a copy of Adam.  She was different by design.

Females tend to be more cautious that males.  While this is not always true, the masculine make-up tends more toward risk-taking.  Men can exercise restraint (and many do), but we also see more men involved in addictive behaviors and violence.  This is simply the truth.  In the perfect creation of God, there was something missing until He made woman.  She was formed as a helper to the man, a balance and a completer.  When driving a car, there are times to accelerate and times to brake.  There are also times to steer in one direction and times to go in another.  A ditch awaits on either side of the road, so it is important that we employ different skills in the endeavor.  Aggression has a place in life- so does patience.

The manner of creation itself is instructive.  While it is trendy to downplay the differences between men and women, it is not accurate to think of them as interchangeable parts.  On the other hand, there are not singular definitions of masculinity and femininity.  The acceptable variability within the themes has caused confusion in our day relating to gender roles and responsibilities.  Philosophers, politicians and preachers will say the populace may choose their own paths with regard to ideology and identity, but God had a plan when He created everything that is and a design for each aspect of His work.  We are not who and what we say we are, but individuals created by God for his glory and cause.

When He made the feminine, God imbued it with sensibilities peculiar to itself though none of its particulars share in equal measure.  Women were meant to compliment men, and the reverse may be said.  Occasionally, each will need pull the other away from natural inclinations to the center of the road as if a counterbalance.  In God’s plan, none of us are the total package but serve as parts in a body, sheep in a flock and stones in a building.  While there are valuable lessons to be learned in emphasizing the individual, there are also truths which cannot be comprehended singularly.  No physical distinctions exist with God or add value though He designed material life a certain way with an instructional handbook.

Today, society exists without (in large part) restraints common to former days.  While no time period has cornered the market on morality, the lessening of caution and acceptance of deviance is not a good thing.  Traditionally, women have played large roles in enforcing the parameters of comportment.  There is greater variance, nowadays, and apparent decline on every hand.  We should not blame society’s ills on either gender but encourage men and women to shoulder their several responsibilities in promoting godliness in our time.  The warnings of the concerned, coupled with consistent actions, will serve as guideposts in a pathless void.  They will be observed by some, and remove the excuses of others.


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