Make It Easy on Yourself

Animals expend as little energy as possible.  There are several reasons for this, but one is that they live to exist.  We are always personifying animals beyond their capabilities.  I’m not saying your dog doesn’t love you, but I am saying his affection is not the same as that of the human variety.  At any rate, if animals can rest, they do.  The path of least resistance is always taken, and animals don’t feel the need to go to the gym or regulate their diets.  The Affordable Care Act does not apply to other than human, consequently, animals makes efforts to avoid injury and unnecessary expenditures.  They calculate risks and never bet against the house.  Of course, such organisms make mistakes in judgement but are, generally, efficient.

We should say that animals are fit for the lives they lead and occupy special niches.  Rugged though they be, animals are mostly adaptable with limitations.  Life on the edge does not come without fear as danger lurks for them at many turns, and critters are unable to escape the intrinsic hierarchy of the wild kingdom.  Any comfort comes at a price, and eternal watchfulness is the cost of survival.  In these respects, humans are like and unlike the “beasts that perish.”  All of life is a tradeoff with benefits seldom accruing without accompanying burdens.  People attempt gains, but weigh risks against benefits and choose the paths with the greatest upsides.  However, there is much more to creations in the image of God than existence.

Animals operate on instinct.  Though this is murky business and does not preclude certain intellectual aspects, it is nowhere near as intricate as the functionings of humans.  Rationality is the realm of the sons and daughters of God though it not insure success or even compete with instinct on certain levels.  The reasoning ability of our race has made it possible for people to live world over and in all environments.  It has also made humans the most productive, beneficial and feared of all the created order.  God placed mankind over all creation with the instructive to protect and preserve.  Made in God’s image, we take risks and accept short-term losses for future gains acting against self-interest in self-interest.

Good character can force us onto the hard road.  The road not taken is not taken for a reason, but those who venture the way less traveled may find rest at the end of the journey.  However, thoughts of relaxation do not enter into the calculations of many.  Their aims are tasks worth doing.  It is not uncommon to find self-sacrificing individuals in any number of employs.  Now, it is not the most common thing either, but there are good reasons for embracing stress over slumber.  Jack need not be a dull boy since refreshment is not the enemy of resolution, and those who exert themselves may find a repository of mirth as they embrace mission.  The nature of latitude and leisure may have more than on application.

What seems rigorous at first blush may be restful over time.  Scripture allows that God chastens and guides His people by frequently misunderstood means for their imminent good and His impending goals.  When we submit ourselves to God and commit our ways to His providence, we find our lives steered as well-handled ships and realize that the hidden path is not unknown.  Jesus has a burden for His followers to bear, but it is light and unlike the weight of sin in the life of the unrepentant and the restlessness of those who cast themselves, rudderless, on the sea of life.  So it is that Christ’s followers will choose deprivation over desire and character over concupiscence to gain a life worth living and an eternity worth having.



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