Light and Darkness

Much has been written and taught regarding the current state of our nation and world with respect to God-consciousness and true faith.  To be sure, we live in a confusing time, and there is pretty much no consensus on the natures of the issues.  It is not that mankind was ever “unconfused,” but we often hear our age described as “post-Christian,” which descriptor does nothing to clear the water.  One well-known writer has said that, despite reading many books on the topic and attending multiple seminars, he has no idea what anyone is talking about.  It is probably true that the moniker is simply a restatement of older themes, a newer rendition of age-old problems.

Years ago, the word “syncretism” was used to describe a concept related to what we see today.  In the syncretic way of thinking, various unrelated beliefs are molded together to form a unique system of thought.  It is both a rejection and inclusion of systems to form a deliberate consciousness that is neither one thing nor the other.  Following such logic, a person comes away saying things like, “I’m spiritual, just not religious.”  We should not think, however, that the concept is related only to spiritual things (though all of life is truly spiritual).  Today’s set believes firmly that each can fashion their own morality, and none dare call it treason or appeal to a greater authority.

Our world is infatuated with individual freedom and rubber-stamps beliefs and acts of expression whether or not they make any sense.  It is impossible to explain how we simultaneously decry and embrace barbarism in any other way.  What has followed is a chaotic society that is on the one hand afraid to stand for any firm set of convictions and on the other unafraid to support, even promote, every from of deviance.  There is no hallowed ground, and, for that reason, nothing is seen as abnormal since man is the measure of all things, and individual man is the highest concern.  The greatest wrong is to infringe upon the will or happiness of another person.  It doesn’t matter if their “rights” are right.

I am aware that it is possible to embrace authoritarianism with resulting oppression and commit wrongs in the name of order.  The necessary balance between freedom and law is one reason that man cannot be trusted to devise either construct without direction.  It is the unwillingness of people to accept power over self that has led to the feeling that a person can hold contradictory positions and, yet, be correct in so doing.  People commonly hold to mutually exclusionary religious positions in the same quasi-spiritualism and call shame virtuous when looked at from another perspective.  Consequently, the only way to bring order is to crown a big boss, quash the rebellion and institute martial law.

God does not set us free without consequences or force us to conform to His standard.  Rather, He transforms us when we begin our relationships with Him and leads us in the paths of righteousness.  The Bible contains both law and grace, and so should every life.  Parameters exist for reasons, and it is not our world- we’re just living in it.  Contradictory beliefs cannot co-exist in the Christian mind though misunderstandings may.  It is impossible to go in two directions at once, and we embrace Jesus or the world system.  The Christ-follower will find clarity, comfort and conviction in Him.  Following is a disassociation from sin.  Light drives out darkness, not the other way around. 


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