I’ve Got a Lot of Crazy Friends

They forgive me of my sins.  My crazy friends that is.  I’ve known a lot of people over the years.  Some hung on, and some fell off, and I have a few observations on familiar relations.

I’d rather be liked than respected.  Now, this idea runs counter to that espoused by many- particularly those of the male persuasion.  It is even contrary to what I might have said in times past, but it’s the position I hold today.  There are good reasons to so believe.

If people like you, they tend to overlook your faults.  I have a lot of weaknesses.  My friends support me in spite of them.  They shake their heads in bemusement as I fumble along and pick me up when I fall.  I fall a lot.

Sometimes, respect is grudgingly given.  In fact, it may be veiled envy or based in some type of misgiving.  Andy said that, if a person carries a gun, the respect he thinks he is given might really be fear.  I agree.  Since people view respect as earned, the minute you don’t earn it (by any phantom definition), you don’t have it anymore.  People often turn on the revered.  They are not as likely to turn on those they love. 

I want people to like me, and I want to like them back.  It’s good if we respect each other, but we will all fail virtue’s test at some point.  Then, we fall back on charity.  I have needed the support of friends in my life.

My crazy friends are not likely to be fanatics.  I’ve associated with some rough dudes in my time.  By that, I mean the type people so driven by ideas that they make the logical illogical.  Purists often follow good points too far.  I count myself among them but have learned wise moderation.  Not that I use it all the time.

Purists will say things like “Trifling brings perfection, and perfection is no trifle.”  I’ve used that one myself.  It is often true that the virgin position is the most correct.  It is also unattainable, and the fact that some claim to know the absolute puts them in the place of God.  I’ll not make excuse for anyone’s sloppiness, but tenderness should rule in the family of man.

The fallacy of bad morality based on the inability to know full truth will not gain the unconcerned shelter at the Great Reckoning.  But my point is not that.  Rather, it is that certain people will drive you to distraction if not to the looney bin with their continual redefinition of what is right.  Some of these are what we call “good people.”  I have found scant comfort among them.  When you reach their standard, they change the game.

So much of life is fluid and hard to define let alone get a handle on.  And life is like a river.  It flows.  Our faults will be washed away in the flood if we lean in contrition on the grace of God.  We should give one another that option because it’s what we all really want.

Everyone does better with support, and we don’t even have to agree with others to hold them in honor.  It took me a good while to learn this. 

One day, we will know where the lines are drawn, but that day is not today.  All we can do is give our best efforts and ask forgiveness while not excusing our faults.  Until perfection comes, I keep on rollin’ with the flow.


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