In the Living Years

Time is all we have.  The reason time is cash is that we exchange our moments for money.  Although we cannot number our days with surety, we are all equal with certain regard to time.  By this, I mean we all have 24 hours in a day.  Time can be cruel in its passing, and it may seem that some are treated unfairly, but the basic set-up is the same for all players.  The expanse of time may differ with individuals, but the basic ways it works are the same.  Time is so valuable that it ought not be squandered.  At the end of our journeys, we will wish for more memories, the stuff of experience.

That I have the same number of hours in a day as everyone else informs my time usage.  The playing field is level in this area, at least.  I don’t have the same talents or means in many ways as some of my peers, but I can make good usage of my time.  I am equal with them in this area.  There will be no overage because of who they are, and there will be no deficit because of my lesser stature.  I can work as hard as anyone.  While other factors may come to bear on my actual or perceived successes, let me never fail of a task for lack of effort.  I owe that to myself if no one else.

I can’t pursue every avenue open to me.  There is no time to waste.  I must parcel it out among the values in my life.  It has been said that duties never conflict, but this is not true.  It should rather be said that duties are not of the same order though responsibilities they remain.  While I have 24 hours in a day, all I have is 24 hours in a day.  I must be selective in my efforts though the full tale of my wisdom will not be seen save in arrears.  For those of us always in a rush, we need remember that there will be adequate time to do what we ought to do though there will be none to spare.

Sometimes, we do not seek the tasks that find us.  They are interventions demanding our time.  We ruefully regard the things we deemed necessary as they are replaced by things immediate.  This can be everyone’s excuse since it happens in each life, but no adequate defense will be mounted for our failures.  We do not have control of all the events of our lives, but we have more control than anyone else.  Since life is full of unwanted intruders, we should ration our time to allow for the things that are really important.  I will have to build in the things that matter since moments will be stolen.

As has been said, I have the same hours in a day as others, but I may not have the same expanse of days.  Scripture urges me to take hold the now since the current instance is all that I hold firmly.  And it dies with each breath.  Since we don’t know when our time on this earth will end, we should live life with few foreseen regrets.  The living years are times for action.  Solomon said we can’t do anything after we die so we should act boldly.  God encourages us to come to Him today.  Tomorrow is not a certainty.  We will not want to reach the end and wish we had acted sooner. 


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