In a Perfect World

Once, there was a perfect world, but it did not endure.  It’s hard to imagine exactly what the unblemished would be as we are far from that ideal.  Still, we envision our hopes when thinking of an existence with perfect justice, peace and righteousness.  Though we should understand that our loftiest desires are tainted, it is a common thought and cry that there’s got to be something better than this.  There was at one time, and what we see is not what should be.  God did not create a world subject to sin, death and disease though He controls its tides and currents and has provided grace in its turmoil and redemption in the end. 

In a perfect world, righteousness would be rewarded.  Today, honesty may be the best policy, but it is not always the most profitable.  In other words, there is not a straight-line connection between goodness and gratuity.  Life offers no guarantees in this regard.  While it is entirely correct to view all our deeds in the light of eternity, it is an evil that there are little thanks for heroic deeds.  Couple this with the observation that corruption can lead to promotion, and sincere people will scratch their heads and wonder what gives.  Truth found in rationalization and spiritualization does not satisfy every query.

The perfect world would punish wrongdoing.  As Abel’s blood cried from the ground, multitudes have been denied justice in the name of rights and what can be proved.  It is hard to call the current format either “justice” or a “system.”  The sight of the innocent is always clear, but the guilty make excuse on excuse for behaviors.  In promising ourselves liberty, we have become servants of corruption and applaud ourselves for it.  Many in the current crop will say that our tolerance for deviancy is a mark of progress and civility.  Whenever a person raises an objection to the current state, someone tells them what time it is.

A perfect world would be consistent.  We all want something we can count on, but today’s living is akin to seeking shelter in a hail of monkey wrenches.  While a system of thought is handy for making sense of the world (and necessary), it is difficult to come up with a way of thinking that can handle all eventualities.  Extreme flexibility convolutes any framework, and it is true that the exception proves the rule.  There is a longing to know the path that is laid which is not entirely a lack of faith.  Silver platters aside, people want to believe in expected outcomes which hope is dashed time and again.  Consistency yields to chaos.

On every hand, what is fails of what should be.  All of this is due to the fact that the world is not as it was created.  Its design has been diminished by sin.  With the redemption of the race, a portion of creation’s faults are righted though the ultimate salvation of the order cannot be achieved in the present bourn of time and space.  One day, the Creator will return and remake all things.  In that time, all value will be validated, evil eviscerated and chaos calmed.  Until that day, the whole creation groans, and those with designs on godliness yearn to be clothed with righteousness and be as they were intended and not as they are.


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