I’d Like to Thank All the Little People

Most of us will not receive awards of significance as counted by air-time.  It is true that there is more than one way to access accolades, but you take my meaning.  And most honors are seldom heeded after presentation (even by the recipients) and find no practical uses.  I would, however, like to applaud the Olympic gold-winning mom who keeps her medal in the kitchen drawer to be seen and shared with the neighborhood children.

Each will have significant relationships which dramatically affect life and style.  A tragedy in many lives is that their enduring connections are the most problematic.  Great care must be exercised in selection and cultivation of close communion.  Some people take the superficial things of life seriously and the serious things of life slightly.  Such will lead diminished lives precisely because they paid no heed to familial (and related) bonds.

Those benefitted by close friends, associates and kin will be wise to shower them with applause.  Gratitude makes for good relations and incurs grace when needed.  People are not truly self-made (whatever pride may say) and thanks are always in order.  It is true, however, that some experience more support as they soldier through life.  Ingratitude is a curse in any age and grins in the face of God.

The shadowing figures in our lives are not the only of import.  We encounter people on the way whose influences carry throughout our days.  These individuals need not have spent measurable time with us to have been impactful.  We might not even have realized their contributions at the time.  Like shooting stars, they appeared briefly and left trails seen long after they were gone.
We may forget the names and faces, but the footprints leave indelible impressions of joy and grief.  Like stones in a building, the smaller influencers are influencers yet and profound remembrances.

Scripture tells us that little foxes spoil vines.  Many of us have experienced the harsh truth that small issues and events destroy much good.  One sinner corrupts the work of many righteous as surely as a wrecking ball reduces the long toil of workmen to dust.  But the flipside of this principle may also prove true.  The small lights in our lives bring beauty as surely as our hearts are broken by the distant stars in the night sky.  And we hold their memory sacred.

In thinking of thanking, the Academy may come first to mind.  Years ago, voting for the Oscars was changed to lessen the eligible electorate because the large number of formerly-included hired hands and support workers dictated the winners.  So much for democracy.  In like manner, it may not be the leading ladies and gents who determine our personal successes.  Rather, the lesser lights may direct our paths.

The day of small things looms large in every life.  Little known actors fret on the stage and are gone, but the parts they play add beauty to the tapestry of our lives.  Occasionally, we will reflect on their influences though we forget each scripted line.

We grow and learn little by little- physically and spiritually.  For each of us, the plan of God is multifaceted involving others unforeseen.  As they wove themselves into the fabrics of our lives, each of us plays a part in the collective story of mankind.


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