I Wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind

I’m a stiff-upper-lip kinda guy.  Now, I don’t think I’m better than the quivering-lip set.  Most of those things, truthfully, come down to the personality.  It’s just that my manner of dealing is to straighten up and fly.  Whether I fly rightly or wrongly, others can (and will) decide.  It may seem that people like me simply don’t care when tragedies befall or losses occur.  Honestly, we do care, but the manifestation is different.  Sometimes, you have to let things go, and tears don’t do much good anyway.  That may sound harsh to some, but it’s an honest assessment.  I haven’t got time for the pain; I’ve too much to do.  Even for me, though, the pain exists and denial is not a virtue in itself.

It can be quite painful to endure the progression of years.  Change is one of those things simultaneously delightful and destructive.  Each anticipation is also a replacement of something valuable in another way.  The inevitability of change can be disconcerting though necessary.  A creeping wistfulness enters every life as we long for former things which are not and never, indeed, can be again.  Much good has perished in our world of progress though no single generation can develop sufficient perspective in its days.  There’s no time to cry only time to carry on.  The ghosts of the past are bound to the past though when we are half asleep we may hear their voices.

Many people have taken residence in my life only to walk away with never a word.  I miss them sometimes.  Life goes on, and this old world will keep on turning, but I wonder about those things.  At the same time, I’m aware that others may feel the same way about me.  For whatever reason, paths diverged, and way leads to way.  Often, no malevolence is involved, but it may be the case, as well.  Over time, the last point of contact is lost, and it is unclear why the friendship with its future ended.  From cold embers, flame cannot be rekindled, and remaining is a forsaken campsite- evidence that something was.  Sometimes, you have to give up on people, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.

Recently, I told a friend that it is good to know people are out there even if there is not a lot of close contact between parties.  With all its limitations, social media has made it possible in our time to touch base (however frequently) with old acquaintances.  It’s good to do so, and the current cost of communication is minimal.  Good news from a far country is refreshing to any soul, and I encourage you to tap out a missive.  I know that the phone works both ways, but someone has to make the first move.  We all care more than we show and have better intentions than actualizations.  Maybe things are too easy, and we take them for granted retaining ever fewer yellowed mementoes.

Do you ever think of me?  My life has been such a rush that I’ve often only seen what was directly in front of me at the time.  Wandering thoughts stray at times, however, to auld lang syne.  At the end of his life, Paul recounted people who mattered to him.  At pivotal points in His life, Jesus would gather with His closest consorts.  We meant to stay in touch but didn’t.  The seas of life carry us where they will though we set our sails to a course.  We don’t know the ferocity of the gales we will face on our voyages.  Much of life is spent alone, and we would be advised to make the most of time spent in concert with others.  One day the opportunity will be lost and the snow turn into rain.


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