I Need You Now

All hail to the self-reliant.  I have great respect for the “never-say-die” set and attempt inclusion in their number.  To tell the truth, I don’t know how life can be lived any other way.  Like it or not, it is a plain fact that we must depend on ourselves.  No one has total control of their lives, but we each have more control than anyone else on our lives.  We must learn to “buck up” when the chips are down and keep going regardless of emotional deficit or loss.  At a low point, King David encouraged himself.  He looked around and found nowhere to hide and no one to care.  Some will spend more time on lonesome paths than others, but we will each be against the wall at some point with little support.

It may only take one.  We will be surprised by our abilities when we are forced to use the resources at hand with no supporting cast.  I’m a great believer in the resourcefulness of the targeted in escaping the crosshairs.  Great athletes tell us that the game slows down for them at crunch-time.  What they are referencing, in part, is focus.  When going gets tough, we are more intentional, waste fewer movements and hone in on what’s important.  Tragedies and deadlines force us to do what we must to survive.  We will not know how capable we are until we are in positions of desperation.

Singularity has pitfalls.  While I would encourage the lonely toward industry in solitary pursuits, life is best lived in context with others.  It is true that some are more inclined to social groups, but everyone needs a place of belonging.  Since the time God declared people should not be alone, the family of man has found solace in the company of lovers, family and friends.  While our several abilities may serve in many instances, it is not true that we are sufficient for all things.  The Bible tells us two are better than one, and this principle finds application time and again.  Samson had great ability, but he was too self-reliant.  He fought his battles alone and was defeated in an unlikely, though predictable, way.

Kipling said, “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”  Certain fishes swim together in groups making themselves less susceptible to individual attacks.  We are both empowered and protected by our associations.  It can be that our support groups are not supportive at all, so care should be given in adherence to crowds.  Normally, the team will best the individual, and we will confess our need for company at various times.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help because everyone needs help sometime.  The desire for comrades is not weakness.  It is the human need.  God did not make us complete as individuals.  He gave us inabilities and weaknesses to be supplied.

Over the years, in discussing needs with individuals, I have asked two questions related to expected enablement:  Where’s your family, and where do you go to church?  God gave these primary institutions to mankind as foundational resources for needs.  While it is certainly true that people have unfortunate experiences with each, it is also true that many irresponsibly forsake both and increase their vulnerability by choice.  It is important that we nurture positive relationships for future times of need.  Others will need us, too.  We want to need, and we want to be needed.  At the same time, we emulate and exercise strength, let us not be averse to admitting need and offering assistance.

I said David encouraged himself.  Actually, he encouraged himself in the Lord.  He took responsibility for his own spirituality.  This salient point is lost on many Christians.  Being encouraged in and by a group is wonderful but being a mature believer is admirable.  And God was there for David.  Our Lord does some of His best work in solitude.  As God spoke to Elijah with a still, small voice, in like manner, He may speak to you in times of need.  It will be easier to hear the murmurings of Divinity when you are focused in fearsome deprivation.  None of us wants to be there, but we each need to be there.  Until you hear from God, and He fulfills your desires, I’m standing by.






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