I Love Ya, Tomorrow

I am entranced by the future.  Now, I’m not positioning myself as a great visionary, but I do love to dream and imagine what could and might be.  To be honest, such thoughts bring consternation, as well as, joy.  While I marvel at the advancements of mankind in every field, I mourn the decay that we see in the moral edifice of our nation and our world.  In truth, we live in both perilous and productive times with the point of view emphasizing whichever appeals.  Dissimilar themes may be simultaneously true; such is the nature of our times.  In keeping with this theme is the fact that my reasons for anxious anticipation of the future are mixed at best and uncertain at worst.

Appearing as a vagrant on The Andy Griffith Show, Buddy Ebsen expounded the virtues of tomorrow to Opie.  He said that tomorrow is the greatest invention of mankind because “there’s absolutely nothing a man can’t do tomorrow.”  Of course, the theme of the episode was that such thinking had a negative effect on Opie as it led to procrastination and idleness.  It also chimes with human nature, and the tendency among us all to take the path of least resistance.  There is always a rational for putting things off, and a proper framer can forestall effort in seeming sincerity.  Some people are always commencing to get ready to begin, and I must confess to doing the same.

There are reasons but no good excuses for failure to act today.  While one reason may be simple laziness, another is perfectionism.  Members of the OCD brigade will attest to the seeming inconsistency that wanting to do things just right can lead to not doing them at all.  Perhaps it is that the tasks themselves take on an undue enormity in the mind of the tightly wound which leads to anxiety and avoidance.  It could be that the fear of failure is ever present in the minds of those who try to please.  Some people can’t just rip things off, and their worthwhile pursuit of perfection makes them enemies to themselves.  I have constructed my own obstacles and set the bars of my prison.

Tomorrow shines as a precious gem in the mind of the achiever.  It is opportunity in the rough.  The very uncertainty of the future is a great part of its appeal.  If we dread our days, the path ahead will seem a burden, but achievement is in the distance and most often reached by the forward-thinking.  Past experience tempers positive effort, however, and the striver will determine a pace uniquely their own.  For many, the allure of the unfathomed is irresistible, and the unknown priceless.  If we remain where we are, we will never know what might be.  Tolkien wrote, “The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began.”  I must follow if I can.

The future holds grace and growth.  There is danger and discouragement on the blackened trail of yesterday though there may be timeless moments we wish to recall.  The sins that are past can be blotted out by the blood of Christ, and we need muster the courage to go forward and try again if we would not be mired in defeat.  Look not to what was but to what can be.  All people of fruitful faith embraced the outwardly unverifiable in favor of the inwardly undeniable, and there is no time to lose if we would have productive days.  Time marches on, and each passing moment is a memory for good or ill.  Plan and prepare for the future.  Bet your bottom dollar- it’s only a day away.


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