You’re Only a Day Away

In one sense, it is hard to live in the present because every act or thought immediately becomes the past.  Now is an immeasurably small unit of time.  To discuss it on these terms is nonsensical in a way, since it divides the hair too finely, but life flows on like a river with the future never certain until it becomes present for an instant and is gone.  Such thoughts bring consternation and comfort.  It is true that we are products of the past but never completions on any theme.  Ever in process, each of us makes uneven progress on the road to tomorrow and eternity beyond.  I am both better and worse than my past while looking ahead to a time of further advancement or regression as yet uncertain.

Promise and possibility are not progression or production.  A person is what they are at the moment, but it can be said they are much more, as well.  While it is hard to say that we are different than our deeds, each of us has higher aspirations than our doings.  The theoretical will never meet the practical in the fullest sense, but we are all in process with uncertain tomorrows.  It is hard to say what is possible, or even probably, since we cannot foresee all ends.  We can only open our eyes and see what was.  The past is not an indicator of the future, but it is the clearest indicator that we’ve got.  This thought will lend suspicion to some and discouragement to others, but it need not unnecessarily. 

When we think of difficult pasts, we should consider that many factors help determine our former experiences.  In the recovery industry, great stress is laid on taking responsibility for our doings, and this is essential for rehabilitation.  However, no person has total control over their life.  It is true that we have more control over our lives than anyone else, but we don’t dictate all terms any more than we control the weather.  Our judgmental selves will presume that others have had level and good footing in their lives which may not be the case.  I am frequently amazed at how much progress certain have made from their point of origin.  Still, we play with the hand we are dealt, and complaining is not an option. 

We need not be tied to yesterday.  This should be said regardless of fond or foul memories.  Since we cannot physically live in the past, there is not much point in being overly bound to it emotionally or mentally.  I’m not saying a person need wipe memories clean, only that we must walk the road ahead for there is nothing more to do.  We will not accomplish much by being sad over missed opportunities or wearing withered laurels for faded glory.  Bittersweet memories are all I’m taking with me, but I cannot erase the writings of the moving hand and must fight another day.  Each of us will be instructed by the past, glance wistfully over our shoulders and set out on the road that goes ever on and on.

When we look at each other, we only see portions of our realities.  Scripture teaches us that the true basis of life is intangible.  We are to understand that only God can see the heart so it’s impossible for us to know the true state of any person by outward appearance alone.  At the same time, our inward condition is connected to our observable acts.  In one sense, we gain joy in realizing we are ever changing and, in another, warning of the same.  In any event, life doesn’t allow us to remain in one place, and we can always be on the path to becoming what we long to be.  We are always changing, and, in this, God has given us hope and a future.  Forgetting what is behind, we reach ahead to grasp God’s plan for our lives.


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