Give Me Just a Little More Time

We’re always fretting about time.  There is either too much of it or not enough.  Will we be on time?  Are we running out of time?  It has been said that the most asked question worldwide is, “What time is it?”

I’ve been keenly aware of the passage of time.  I suppose that’s why I’m always in a hurry.  Always.  I feel compelled to make good time on a trip and driven to complete assignments quickly.  What some call impatience, I call efficiency.  And whose problem is it if you make me wait?

It is said that Leo Durocher (of Yankee’s fame), when asked the time, famously replied, “You mean now?”  I wonder what time it is in my life and how long I have to accomplish my goals and desires?  Presently, I’m middle-aged.  That is if I’m going to live to be over one hundred twenty.  I’d better keep pumpin’.

While I am looking forward to the day when time will be no more, right now I need some more.  Just a little more time.  I have good reasons.

I need time to grow.  It’s a point of frustration that, at my seasoning, I feel the need to make the assertion and request.  But there are so many things I have yet to explore.  Fields untended, knowledge spurned and feelings denied.
I need time to go.  For all my restless days, there are things I meant to do and never found time.  In truth, many of these were forgotten amid life’s demands taking no lodgment in my worried mind.  Yet, the truth remains.  There are fields to roam and sights unseen.  The road ahead goes on and on.

I need time to sow.  No harvest is reaped without planting, and I fear I’ve done less crop cultivation in my life than was want.  We will not have time to redo our preparatory work in harvest time, and the day is far spent.  There were times I should have been in the field instead of resting in the barn.

I need time to show.  The good that I might do and be has not been fully displayed.  I can do better, and I need other chances to demonstrate.  If I can have a redo, I can make things right.  Let me prove my love and add value to your life.

Things develop in their time.  We, often, can’t hurry the process, but we can make good use of our moments onstage.  None of us knows exactly how long we have to make our case, so focused and full effort is required to play our part effectively.  There is less time now than ever.

Our lives are in the hands of the God who sets the bounds of the seas.  He formed the mountains and the stars that shine.  The consideration of our finite time on earth will cause us to live with wisdom and inform our works.  One day, the clock will expire on our earthly sojourns, and we will face eternity with the deeds of our days.  There will be no opportunity for redress of times past.


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