Give Me Just a Little More Time

I’m not a patient person.  While I hate to admit it, an honest confession is good for the soul.  It’s not easy for me to give myself a break, but there may be many reasons this is so with some more volitional than others.

I’ve never felt I had enough time.  A sense of urgency has compelled me throughout my lifetime and kept me tapping my foot.  I am aware that we may feel time slipping away in too acute fashion, yet many while away hours that could have been spent productively.  I’m not even saying I’m the best cracker of corn only that I know there is work to be done, and we are late.

The Bible comes in handy on this point.  We should be cautioned against using Holy Writ as a support for unholy purposes and presuppositions, but the Word does say quite a bit about making good use of time.  Those inclined to load a gun with those bullets will not lack ammunition.  However, none of us has maximized time in the ultimate sense.  The understanding should make us more gracious and more repentant.

Ironically, it is precisely clock-watchers that may be the worst procrastinators.  Though it seems counter-intuitive, it can be that sands through the hourglass paralyze performance.  This odd twist can actually be seen in various guises.  In my case, I’ve always been able to work fast, and this has encouraged the hare in me rather than the tortoise.  Many times, I started too late to perform to my potential if adequately at all. 

A rueful glance over the shoulder reveals that there is no complete redress to things that are past.  We can’t relive time.  It is the great leveler in that we each have the same amount in any given period, and it stops for no one.  Days beyond recall haunt my sleep and launch the arrows of regret.  I could have done better and even thought I was.

We are likely to approximate the Corleone family in needing more time to make our affairs legitimate.  The thing about anything free is that you run out of it.  Perhaps, this is the reason we squander time.  It is just there and easy to take for granted.  The aged shake their heads in dismay at misspent youth as the realization of ultimate value comes too late.

Eternity’s view reveals human existence as a misty mirage dissipating in the morning sun.  And
when our lives are gone, things will continue much as if we never were.  The rich man was wise in human concerns but foolish in the eyes of God for this very reason.  He did not realize the things of this life were not ultimately his or that time was running out.

Each of us is closer to the end than ever before, and we never know when that end will come.  The wise among us will apply hearts to wisdom realizing the frailty of the race.  Only God can teach us to use the time that we have for benefit and betterment in the truest sense.


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