Get in Where You Fit In

The search for significance leads to varying ends.  For some, the road is rather easily traversed with low degree of difficulty.  These travelers are in the minority as most find the incline daunting and the pot-holed road discouraging.  Ironically, we may assume voyagers are sailing calm seas when, in fact, their vessels are in peril.  It may be hard for us to understand why some lay aside effort and drift with the wind and current as the particulars of their lives are beneath the surface.

We want to belong- somewhere.  A place in the sun to call our own.  The need for acceptance and comfort in our tumultuous times is universal and not applicable to our times alone.  It is not the flocking instinct at question, but the felt need of the individual for rest and participation apart from judgment.  And that’s not to say we want carte blanche, only that we hope to find peace.

Self-worth may hinge on acceptance.  It’s hard to feel good about yourself if no one wants to be around you.  This is as true for the feisty as the flimsy though the hard-core will not readily admit it.  We thrill to stories of those who have spent their last ounce of valor on worthwhile ventures and wonder if our lives have written such tales.  Most of us do not shake or beat the world, but it’s nice to feel that you’ve made a contribution.  If no one recognizes your efforts, you may feel like the tree falling in the woods making no sound.  No one heard or gave much thought.   

Spending a good part of life forcing square pegs into round holes has given me the perspective of years.  Goals and dreams may be no more important in life than fit.  Riding in my car with a friend, we observed a bright, blue garage door.  My friend said, “Now, that may be your favorite color, but on a house?”  It was pretty, but didn’t fit the application.  In much the same manner, valiant efforts may go to waste in the wrong endeavors.   
Some lofty goals will never be.  Personal ambitions may not come to pass.  Despite these discouraging words, there is a place of fit and fulfillment for each of us.  Satisfaction awaits in that place though the map be read with difficulty. 

I’ve taken and given tests designed to assess abilities, spiritual and otherwise.  Apparently, they are of some worth, or they would not be so wisely used, but they remain mysteries to me.  I know how they are normed and how they are administered, but they escape me.  First round picks will disappoint, and, occasionally, Tom Brady comes in a late round.  That’s the way in all of life.

God’s will is above the schemes of man.  Plans for good or ill cannot succeed apart from divine providence.  Incomprehensible to us is the biblical fact that God’s will is accomplished because of or in spite of human efforts.  It’s not the way the tangible world works.  Those who will see can see God’s hand in personal lives and political leverage.  Know that sincere believers may misunderstand His plans though they be parts of it.

If we miss God’s perfect will for our lives (as some do), there is always another place He can use us in His service.  A place of value and warmth.  We can find satisfaction if we understand our abilities and make wise choices though it means a restart.  The right application is there for you.  Find your spot.  Get in where you fit in.


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