Do You Know What I Know?

Each generation comes into knowledge they believe to be undiscovered save by them alone.  At some point, there is the realization that these truths were not unknown at all, only unfamiliar.  Since life is learning, the old is always becoming new to the uninitiated.  Many things are learned with difficulty but through experience since it can be nigh impossible to communicate soul-learning.  I have often smiled to myself in learning that my original concepts were not singular at all.  The education of existence dulls some of the joys of life but imparts the wisdom of ages and gladdens the student.  That we are all at different points on the spectrum of knowledge is irritating and instructive.

It can be difficult to understand that others may not grasp what you see clearly.  This is especially true with foundational facts on the nature of reality.  How can you not see that?  Over time, my own inability to grasp this concept has been tempered with realizations that I have missed seeming obvious truths known to others but hidden from me.  There have been times I was embarrassed (not that I admitted it) to realize that my firmly-held belief were more firmly-held than factually based.  One thing about firm beliefs is that they tend to confirm themselves regardless of evidence brought to bear.  We all have presets which seem natural and true.  It is up to each of us to learn and do better.

An ignorant person is not stupid.  By that, I mean it is not unintelligent to not know something.  There are multitudes of issues unexplored in every life since one can’t occupy themselves with everything.  The voyage of discovery launches from various locals and finds open sea at intervals.  The speed with which we make our journeys is influenced by the construct of our vessels and the inviting or inclement weather we experience.  It is interesting that our chance encounters unfold to us unexplored regions of learning with lessons for living applicable to our own employs.  Of importance is our need to be open to new ideas, however foreign to held beliefs, if they resonate and are reasonable.

Because something is unknown does not mean it is untrue.  Many verities cannot be verified, and the state of knowledge is simply the state of knowledge today.  There were many things thought to be true in my youth which have been proved false over the years.  These misconceptions were taught, and misinformation replaced truth.  Though there was no bad intent, the science was bad, however we hold the method.  It was bad because it was incomplete, but there will never be total knowledge of any studied field.  For this reason, the issue of faith comes to bear on any topic.  At some point, every issue that can we evidenced will be placed into evidence, and conclusions will have to be drawn requiring suppositions.

Christ requires that his followers live on the basis of faith.  This faith is not opposite the factual, but is trust in the unverifiable.  Saving faith is not unreasonable though it seem foolish to the uninitiated, and all belief systems will require faith at some juncture.  Trust in Jesus and the teachings of God’s Word compliment and complete the worldview which takes into account human discoveries and divine revelation.  And it is impossible to understand the depth and breadth of salvation and the meaning of a real relationship with God apart from saving faith.  Such heart knowledge originates within the soul by the influence of the Holy Spirit and does not descend from intellectual reasoning alone.


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