Danger is My Business

While not the majority, risk-takers comprise a much-discussed segment of the population.  It is little wonder since they attract attention.  There are two sides to the lion-hearted leaning which, as much as anything, is a function of personality though it is often attributed to free choice.  On the one hand, risky business can be profitable, encouraging brave endeavors.  The verse regarding ventures and gains comes to mind.  Of course, the propensity to chance can lead to mounting losses.  In addition (and conversely), those inclined to letting it ride are possessed of a nature prone to indulgence and may become subject to addictions if only to their ambitions.  It is impossible to live a life without exposure, and we are all captains of our own vessels in the end.  Some would just rather stay in port than others.

I marvel at the progress societies make fueled by boldness which brooks no denial.  It is true that many we consider visionaries were spurred on by necessity.  In America, the west was settled largely by those who had no possessions in the east just as those content with their lives remained in the Old World to begin with.  Many have died on quests for fulfillment unachieved to leave a clear path forward for those in another day.  Doubtless, most would not attempt a task beyond their scope, but some things are only achieved incrementally over time.  Perhaps, we credit people with foresight undeserved.  They were merely doing the best they could at the time in uncertain endeavors.  Swings and misses.

Elusive dreams will break your heart, and the efforts extended to corral them dampen your spirit for other things.  However, when you step up to the plate and face a major league fastball, you’ll never again be satisfied with slow pitch.  Thus, begins the search for fulfillment in difficult venues which thrill is not replaced for some by the comforts of home.  While it can be said that there is no reward without risk, it is often true that risk needs no addition and serves as its own reward.  Danger is the attraction of the safari and the reason I let go of the safety apparatus on roller coasters.  In thinking such thoughts, I join Kipling in words of longing, “When you’ve ‘eard the east a-calling, you won’t ever ‘eed naught else.” 

The desire to boldly go where no one has gone before exists to greater or lesser degrees in several individuals.  For some, this pursuit is intoxicating.  A new and unique venture is fraught with uncertainties and instabilities.  In The Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman’s character, Red, comments that the uncertainty of the journey adds to its allure.  Those who would walk the road of discovery must be cognizant that they do so at their own peril.  Risks are calculated rather than impulsive, and those so employed must be brave.  It is not foolish to chance what is in hand for that which may be as long as there is knowledge of potential and incalculable loss.  Do you hear the call?

Some employs are threatening to the point of reality television.  For the involved, the perceived risks may not be felt acutely.  Is it better to stay in port and await the hurricane or set sail for new lands and threatened shipwreck?  We are destined to leave this life on some terms, but we may have a say in the manner.  In the same way, we live our lives by precepts which determine quality.  We follow our passions and choose our poisons.  The essential thing is that we spend our years according to God’s designs which may vary among individuals with notable exceptions.  Everyone will not have the same span or specifics of years.  I have lived near the edge, but I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.


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