The Element of Truth

Jun 14, 2019

We may be deceived by very things that have some basis in fact.  It happens all the time through disregard and design. As a believer in absolute truth, I take some issues as immutable.  Consequences…
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It’s Not for Me to Say

Jun 07, 2019

The “hands-off” nature of our times is, at once, freeing and disconcerting.  The principle and practice find multiple applications. There is a sense in which a free society embraces the “leave…
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Show Me the Way

May 31, 2019

We may assume things well-known to us are well-known to all.  Sorta makes sense.  As learning is a progressive thing, it can be difficult to know at which point we came into possession of facts…
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I Don’t Care Anymore

May 24, 2019

I just had to let it go.  The structure of my life, I mean.  Not my values but my perceptions and some of my goals.  I was forced into it.  The world doesn’t change for us, and we…
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Pants on Fire

May 17, 2019

What is a lie?  The question may seem unnecessary since we all instinctively think we know the answer, but the actual interpretation of falsehood may be in the eye of the beholder, rather ear of the…
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You Ain’t Bonafide!

May 10, 2019

Culture wars being what they are and all, it’s hard to convince an opponent regardless of argument or acuity.  It’s not easy to find an opening when your dukes are up.  Add to this the plain…
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Since You Been Gone, It’s Hard to Carry On

May 03, 2019

I am one hundred percent behind the redemption, reclamation and renovation philosophy and its underpinnings.  Though I’m not sure we can say people deserve second chances, it’s nice to have them. …
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We Were Soldiers

Apr 26, 2019

Modern-day Christian communications present false pictures of the movement of faith initiated by God through Jesus Christ.  Perhaps, it has ever been so. Many (perhaps most) gospel presentations today…
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Staying Positive While in the Negative

Apr 19, 2019

As a veteran of the testimony wars, I have learned to question presentations of exuberance and exhaustion.  Whether made in contrition or celebration, I’ve scratched my head at representations of…
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Where Did Our Love Go?

Apr 12, 2019

We don’t have tomorrow, but we had yesterday.  It was here while ago, but now it’s gone. Many Bible texts speak of the power of love.  Huey Lewis sang of it.  Love is a strong thing. …
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Try a Little Kindness

Apr 05, 2019

We’ve all heard the analogy on catching flies and have been urged to use the more effective means.  However, there are differences between flies and people.  Therein lies the rub. For another…
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On Growing Old

Mar 29, 2019

In a former time, I would laugh when I heard, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  I’m not laughing anymore. Years ago, I was visiting in a nursing facility.  Finding my destination, I peered…
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You Don’t Have to Say You Love me

Mar 22, 2019

Frequently, I ask clients on state supervision how they convince their probation/parole officers of their stability.  The answer is always the same and has to do with compliance.  Passing…
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It’s Just a Shame, That’s All

Mar 15, 2019

In conflict mode, people overstate their positions.  All fronts demonstrate the truth and effectiveness of the strategy. The political game finds application of the principle.  Voters are not…
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Strange Days, Indeed

Mar 08, 2019

A smart fella said, “Nothing is new under the sun.”  Current affairs seem fresh to current aficionados, but they have been before and will be again.  The young believe they are in possession…
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I’ll Be Somewhere Listening

Mar 01, 2019

I never listen.  Ask my wife.  And I teach classes on communication.  I don’t mean to deflect, but there’s an awful lot of noise, and, sometimes, I just have to use my filter. …
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When I Was a Child, I Caught a Fleeting Glimpse

Feb 22, 2019

Much of the time, I view my faith today as weaker than that I held in childhood.  In those days, I truly believed. With age comes cynicism, and I’m a lot harder to convince now than I was in yesteryear. …
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When I Get Where I’m Goin’

Feb 15, 2019

As a child, I occasionally played the Hasbro board game, Chutes and Ladders.  In progress, you make quick gains by accessing ladders and lose same by sliding down chutes.  Fun and frustrating. …
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The Answer, My Friend

Feb 07, 2019

Difficulty in changing one’s ways varies by degrees and deeds. Certain receive extra points just by being born. Upbringing exerts vast influence in the faults and flexibilities of each life. A good home…
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Well, You’re Lookin’ at the Man

Feb 01, 2019

On a hot summer night in 1974, during my summer hiatus/exile to farm life in eastern North Carolina, I sang, “Well, you think you’ve seen trouble…”  Believe me, I had no idea what trouble…
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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Jan 24, 2019

Friendships develop over time.  It seems to me they are most often born between people forced together unseen but develop intentionally from that point.  For instance, two kids meet in elementary…
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I’ll Be There for You

Jan 18, 2019

A preacher once told me he was going to deliver a sermon on life’s disappointments using the text “in the morning, behold, it was Leah.”  Few have had a devious father-in-law slip the wrong…
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It Looks as Though You’re Letting Go

Jan 10, 2019

It’s hard to say what’s wrong, but things are not quite right.  Experience warns to avoid jumping to conclusions, but is it possible things are crumbling as we stand at the crossroads of indecision?…
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Wherefore Then Serveth the Law?

Jan 03, 2019

A few years ago, I was watching a television interview with former President Bill Clinton.  One statement etched itself into my mind.  He said one of the problems he saw was that many people…
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It Is What It Is

Dec 27, 2018

Clichés are at once farcical and factual.  They can be mean-spirited depending on the delivery.  I suppose witticisms are glib ways of synopsizing ideas.  Many are in near universal overuse. …
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All I Have to Offer You

Dec 20, 2018

I’d just completed sixth grade when I committed the classic to heart.  While I’m not a good singer, I have my range, and I was made for a country song.  The words spoke most, however,…
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Two Tickets to Paradise

Dec 13, 2018

Jesus was hanged on a cross at a place called the Skull.  A man hung on either side of Him.  Matthew calls them “thieves.”  As the emblem of suffering and shame, Jesus was mocked while…
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Not a Fan

Dec 06, 2018

I talk sports.  Frequently.  With anyone.  I’m not a know-it-all, but run into those types occasionally.  The ones with all the stats.  But I can hold my own with the JV. Here’s…
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Ever Since the Fire Went Out

Nov 29, 2018

We vow in fever, not thinking the heat will diminish, much less quench.  But that’s exactly what happens in life.  We meant to stay in touch.  It seemed we would always feel the same way. …
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You Know, I Got Down on My Knees

Nov 23, 2018

As a child, my father was taught that animals went down on their knees at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I don’t know it’s true, but it might be.  Animals show more reverence for Deity than…
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Got What I Got- The Hard Way

Nov 15, 2018

A friend of mine was given all his major appliances as wedding gifts.  I hated him (sorry man).  I’m kidding (mostly), but don’t think it didn’t cross my mind on my way to the laundromat. …
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Shaken, Not Stirred

Nov 08, 2018

How is it that the influences of heaven affect the life?  I accept what I do not understand on this point.  It confounds me that the same pressures bring differing results in individuals. …
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Beyond Belief

Nov 01, 2018

Some Christ followers are of the considered opinion that certain are called to salvation while others are not.  Theirs is a well-thought-out theological system and deserving of respect if not adherence. …
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Et Tu?

Oct 25, 2018

Of interest are the Greek Tragedies.  This is due, in part, to my interest in mythologies of the time period, but, also, as observation has proved their themes true times over.  No doubt, this…
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I’m Going With Some Hesitation

Oct 18, 2018

In ministerial circles, it’s hard to come by real honesty.  This is not an indictment of the clergy or related entities.  What I mean is that those concerned with spiritual work tend to put…
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We Said There’d Be No Room for Doubt

Oct 11, 2018

We may find ourselves questioning long-standing beliefs out of time.  In looking back, it can be that prior certainties appear less crisp and more subject to interpretation.  At least, that’s…
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I’ve Got Neon in My Veins

Oct 01, 2018

This gray hair don’t mean a thing.  Well, it bugs me is all.  Still a little hard to believe when I look in the mirror. A ninety-four year youngster once told me, “I know I’m old, but I…
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We are the World

Sep 27, 2018

While we like to think of ourselves as nonpartisan judges, personal leanings cannot be denied.  Issues speak to us in differing measures according to our lights.  This is not wrong.  It’s…
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Let’s Stay Together

Sep 20, 2018

In the recovery field, we find that victims often become perpetrators.  It is difficult indeed to understand why one who has suffered from abuse (whatever type) would exact same on others.  Painful…
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What Happened to Me, Part 5

Sep 13, 2018

Let’s see here.  Synopsizing portions of my life in the ministry, I have touched in brief on the choices, changes, cash, conflict and call.  Perhaps, you have found some points of commonality…
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What Happened to Me, Part 4

Sep 06, 2018

I am one who believes in the divine call to vocational ministry.  In other words, making the ministry your job.  However, I do not believe one need be solely employed in the ministry for this…
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What Happened to Me, Part 3

Aug 30, 2018

It never occurred to me that ministry would engender conflict.  In my youth, I had seen conflict on church-related issues, but there is a vast difference between observing a thing and being in the…
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What Happened to Me, Part 2

Aug 23, 2018

I never gave much thought to the money I would earn in the ministry.  Turns out, no one else did either.  At least, not those who employed me.  You see, I was of the firm belief (in my youth)…
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What Happened to Me, Part 1

Aug 16, 2018

At only a few weeks old, our youngest son had surgery to correct a rather common malfunction of the digestive tract.  The procedure left him with a small scar on his abdomen barely visible after only…
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You Can Tell Everybody

Aug 09, 2018

In some ways, the wickedness of our time is unprecedented.  At the same time, we may be living in the greatest days of gospel effort and effectiveness the world has ever known.  It’s a strange…
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Nobody Rides for Free

Aug 02, 2018

It is hard to achieve balance in benevolence.  In our world, the multitude of tragedies is truly breathtaking.  Good-hearted individuals will seek to meet needs of the impoverished.  On…
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The Game of Life

Jul 26, 2018

Years ago, I watched a television mini-series entitled, The Master of the Game.  Near the end of the drama, the matriarch of a family relayed the words of her father to her clan.  She said he…
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Conversation Rules the Nation

Jul 19, 2018

I think I know what I think, but I can’t put it into words.  As one who has garnered a significant portion of income through public speaking, I’m a little embarrassed to admit the truth. …
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As Time Goes By

Jul 12, 2018

Most of life is not great, and it’s not half bad.  The majority is just regular stuff.  It’s irritating, confusing, delightful and comforting.  At least, that’s how it’s been in…
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Get in Where You Fit In

Jul 05, 2018

The search for significance leads to varying ends.  For some, the road is rather easily traversed with low degree of difficulty.  These travelers are in the minority as most find the incline…
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Not a Dream Survived

Jun 29, 2018

Our certainties often fail of reality. Around the campfire, we vowed to be friends forever and never to lose touch.  For a few, glory days extend into the future but not for most.  We meant to…
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Pickups and Splashes from Floor and Pool

Jun 21, 2018

“Karen Faulkner may be hot copy in the fifth grade, but uptown she don’t mean a thing,” said the Barn to enterprising Opie regarding his newspaper’s features.  For the youngster to increase…
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Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Jun 14, 2018

It is quite common for people to express faith in the basic goodness of mankind.  In group settings, I will ask, “Do you believe in the goodness of people?”  Nearly everyone responds in the…
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Roll With It, Baby

Jun 07, 2018

What do you do when life is too much?  Hard times knocking on your door?  Don’t stop and lose your touch.  Get on through it.  Roll with it, baby.  In difficulty, people will…
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It Looks as Though You’re Letting Go

May 31, 2018

I’m getting a little better at reserving judgment.  By that, I mean withholding my opinion.  It’s about time. Now, I’m still a person of considered opinions.  Some more so and some…
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My Wife and Kids

May 24, 2018

Dr. Seuss said life is a great balancing act.  Him and about a billion other folks.  They’re only saying it because it’s true.  However, balance is a vaporous thing not subject to precise…
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Give Me Just a Little More Time

May 17, 2018

We’re always fretting about time.  There is either too much of it or not enough.  Will we be on time?  Are we running out of time?  It has been said that the most asked question worldwide…
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Wonderful Now

May 10, 2018

Years of working in the ministry, as well as, the recovery industry have taught me the necessity of understanding perspective in conflict management.  I’m not even saying I’m particularly good…
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The Last Time Ever I Saw Your Face

May 03, 2018

We are always marking firsts.  The first time a baby rolls over.  The first steps and words of our children.  Seldom, do we remember the lasts.  The primary reason for this is that…
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Wait Till They Get a Load of Me

Apr 27, 2018

Memory retains the childish song, “I am a promise.  I am a possibility.  I am a promise with a capital P.  I am a great, big bundle of potentiality.”  Just as we never know what…
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Somewhere Only We Know

Apr 19, 2018

Try as we might, it’s difficult to put ourselves in the places of others.  It has occurred that empathy is something we believe we have which may not be apparent to those in need.  It’s like…
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Afraid of the Dark

Apr 12, 2018

The world recently mourned the passing of Dr. Stephen Hawking, the eminent scientist and cosmologist.  I actually read one of his books (well, part of it) and was gratified to find that this superb…
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Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast

Apr 06, 2018

In 1972, Wayne Newton released a song about a man preparing to leave his marriage.  As he walked down the highway toward a new life, he heard his daughter crying out as she ran after him, “Daddy,…
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Something Better Than in the Middle

Mar 29, 2018

I recently heard one remark that the last thing they wanted said at their casket was, “Look, he’s moving!”  It’s hard to know how you’d want to exit this life. Most would not want to exit…
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It’s Ten O’Clock Somewhere

Mar 22, 2018

Our church’s Sunday morning worship hour is at ten.  The churches I attended in my youth uniformly held Sunday School at ten with worship following at eleven.  Just like it says in the Bible. …
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I’ve Got a Lot of Crazy Friends

Mar 15, 2018

They forgive me of my sins.  My crazy friends that is.  I’ve known a lot of people over the years.  Some hung on, and some fell off, and I have a few observations on familiar relations.…
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If I Should Die Before I Wake

Mar 08, 2018

Recently, a friend of mine gave an apt description of the relationship between the body and the spirit.  She said that, each morning, the physical man rises and the spirit man rises along with him. …
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Where is My Badge?

Mar 01, 2018

Every person yearns for the sense of belonging.  In some, the urge is overwhelming, whereas, others prefer a more solitary life.  The need, however, is present to some degree in every individual.…
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You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Pastor

Feb 22, 2018

I am fascinated by the different fields of employ.  By that, I mean it intrigues me that people give themselves to life works of which I know little if anything.  There are entire industries…
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The Class of ‘57

Feb 15, 2018

I love to dream.  It has been easy for me to get caught up in my imaginings and make of them more than I should.  And it is possible to hold onto a dream too long.  Kipling said we should…
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I’ll Stand by You

Feb 08, 2018

My friends are my friends.  Right or wrong, my friends are my friends.  And I stand by my friends.  It’s not that I always agree with them.  Lockstep does not friendship make, and…
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I’m Going with Some Hesitation

Feb 01, 2018

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…”  Been there.  Most of the time, however, it’s been more like a maze.  I’ve often felt kinship to Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway standing…
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Give Me Just a Little More Time

Jan 26, 2018

I’m not a patient person.  While I hate to admit it, an honest confession is good for the soul.  It’s not easy for me to give myself a break, but there may be many reasons this is so with…
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I’m Gonna Live Forever if I so Desire

Jan 18, 2018

In my youth, each day held endless possibilities.  There was more time then with every sunrise to sunset a plump blueberry in my childish eyes.  Living was joy and not assumed to be more than…
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The Enemy of the Good

Jan 11, 2018

I’m a serious practitioner.  Some would say I’m a perfectionist.  Now, that application can be good, and it can be bad.  Largely in the eyes of beholders, onlookers will view strivings…
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Old Soldiers

Jan 04, 2018

Memory fades.  That is, when it’s not faulty to begin with.  In addition, memory can morph into something more akin to fantasy than reality.  The roadways of our minds can be interstate…
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Where the Love-Light Gleams

Dec 28, 2017

As one who has spent the better portion of lengthening years in the dream-world, I may not be able to speak for all the wistful but can, at least, for me.  My heart has been bound to my dreams so…
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Section Eight

Dec 22, 2017

I’m going to die in the projects.  No, I don’t live in housing, never have and am not on a waiting list.  But I’ve spent a lot of time in the communities of those living with government…
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If the Fates Allow

Dec 14, 2017

It is impossible to foresee all eventualities.  While forward thinking is advised, no amount of planning can insure success.  On the other hand, victory has been snatched from the jaws of defeat…
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I’d Like to Thank All the Little People

Dec 07, 2017

Most of us will not receive awards of significance as counted by air-time.  It is true that there is more than one way to access accolades, but you take my meaning.  And most honors are seldom…
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Candle in the Wind

Dec 01, 2017

In an interesting twist, some things are strong and fragile at the same time.  This idea finds application in people, things and ideologies.  Like Superman, we all have our kryptonite, and we…
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Tryin’ to Loosen My Load

Nov 25, 2017

Retired persons will often say they don’t know how (in former days) they had time to work.  In the walk of life, one thing replaces another in progression or digression.  In theory, a time…
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Where are the Nine?

Nov 17, 2017

Many years ago, I made an ill-fated attempt at selling insurance.  Looks easy.  Right?  Sorta made sense to me as I have spent my life talking to folks, cold-calling and the like. …
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What I Really, Really Want

Nov 10, 2017

There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.  There’s the rub.  It takes much of life to figure out what we want in life.  Sometimes, after we…
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Wishin’ and Hopin’

Nov 02, 2017

Moses was tending sheep in the wilderness when he stumbled onto holy ground.  God spoke to him from a bush that burned but was not consumed.  God told Moses to take his shoes from his feet and…
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Neither Up Nor Down

Oct 26, 2017

One day, a wise, old king marched ten thousand men up and down a hill.  The soldiers spent part of the day on top of the hill and part at the bottom.  However, while they were climbing and descending,…
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I Need You Now

Oct 19, 2017

All hail to the self-reliant.  I have great respect for the “never-say-die” set and attempt inclusion in their number.  To tell the truth, I don’t know how life can be lived any other way. …
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Lately, I’ve Been, I’ve Been Losin’ Sleep

Oct 13, 2017

In the halcyon days of my youth, I was able to sleep.  A lot.  Now, I’m not saying I slept all the time.  Only that I seldom had trouble falling asleep and never wanted to rise at the…
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Nothing Really Matters

Oct 06, 2017

Gang members are some of the best I know in accepting personal responsibility.  Allow me to qualify this statement by saying not in every way, and I’m referring, mostly, to recovering bangers. …
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You and Me Against the World

Sep 29, 2017

Having oft heard certain speaking with perceived erudition and thoughtful pauses that we are truly fortunate to find one or two real friends in life, I still think that’s being a little too hard on people. …
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Doctor, My Eyes

Sep 21, 2017

I lost it gradually.  So gradually, in fact, I scarcely noticed the demise.  That is until one day it was markedly diminished.  My eyesight, that is.  Having read Kipling’s, The Light…
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A Fool Such As I

Sep 15, 2017

It takes a little while for life to sink in.  By that, I mean we don’t get the meaning right off.  The meanings of things, that is.  When we do, it is often too late to do anything about…
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You Had One Job!

Sep 07, 2017

Gomer looked down dejectedly as the Barn castigated him for failing in yet another seeming simple task.  He had one job, yet failed at that singular thing.  I know the feeling.  One thing…
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When the Night Closes In

Sep 01, 2017

If you are sick, you’re sicker at night.  This well-known and much-experienced truth is emblematic of the fact that everything is worse at night.  If you are worried, you dread the night. …
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I Don’t Care Too Much for Money

Aug 24, 2017

I made a vow to God (and the moon and stars) that I would not make money my aim in life.  Being determined to make the work of the ministry my goal and not look at the paycheck, I dove into the ministry. …
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There’s Been a Load of Compromisin’

Aug 17, 2017

Growing up, in my mind, the idea of compromise had a negative connotation.  To be seen as a compromiser meant that you weren’t true to yourself or your beliefs.  It carried the idea of instability. …
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Aug 10, 2017

The Spartans pioneered the laconic phrase.  Lakonia was the general region around Sparta in southern Greece.  As Philip II of Macedon was conquering Greek city-states left and right, Sparta was…
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The Man With No Name

Aug 03, 2017

Prominent in the “Spaghetti Westerns” (so called because they were filmed in Italy rather than their purported locations) was the protagonist who no one seemed to know anything about.  Being a…
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I Bet You’re Wonderin’ How I Knew

Jul 27, 2017

How do things get out?  We’re always asking ourselves that question, and we always already know.  Secrecy is a burden few are willing to bear.  At the same time, it can be nearly impossible…
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All Hat

Jul 20, 2017

Texans who own no land have cattle.  Strange as this may sound, for many, it is a part of the culture of the area and indispensable in their minds.  Maybe it’s a link to the old west, but some…
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